Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's cold outside!!!

Hi everybody!!!
Where I live the winter season is usually very mild, but today it was a chilly day! We had light rain all day.
Me and my sisters decided it we should stay indoors, so we watched some movies and had some hot chocolate! Yummy!
It's easy to get a bit gloomy during cloudy days, I hope tomorrow the sun is shining again.
I got to wear the sweater my dear aunt from California sent me. Look how cute it is. I love polar bears, don't you?
Tell me, do you prefer the sunny days, or the rainy days? How is the winter season where you live?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I got my own blog!!


This is Amara-Chérie, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!
I have lots to tell you about, but it's really really late at night, so I'm just going to post one thing.
Guess what? I'm in charge of the blog now!!! Our human told me that since I've been in charge all along, that I deserved to be "the voice". Yaaay! I'm so excited!!!
I will post more ASAP! Good night everybody!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

A new girl just arrived!

Hey there, it's Amara...
I'm sorry that I've been so quiet lately, it's just that I've had a lot of homework and my blogging time has been very little. 
I'm very happy because we have a new friend! Her name is Ruth Marlyse. She's a bit shy and quiet right now, but I remember I was like that when I got here, too! 
She arrived just in time to celebrate our human's birthday tomorrow! 
Marlyse brought her suitcase with dresses and she let me borrow a very cute yellow one.
Here we are, posing for the camera! I hope we can become good friends!
What do you do when you want to become somebody's friend?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Where have we been?

Loooong time no talk!!!! Where have we been, you might wonder (or not LOL).
First, our human's digital camera went on a strike after 9 years of hard work... so, no camera, no new pics.  Then the human went on vacation during the summer and brought back a new camera. And now... well I assume she's procrastinating.
The real thing is that creativity is not her strongest point!
So none of my sisters has left, we're all here still... except there's three more of us!! Yes... three....
They all came back with our human from her trip to California.
Another Chrissa has arrived. I hope she stays because there's been three other Chrissas here already. She hasn't told us her middle name so it's hard to talk about Chrissa without getting all confused thinking about the three previous ones... She brought her BFF Sonali with her. I have to say Claudette's ground was really shaken by her presence. I mean, Sonali does have lovely, long, black, shiny hair!! So pretty. Claudette had a big fit, she said nobody was going to steal her pedestal. Our human obviously resented it because she's been in her box for around a month now. I hope Claudette has a good stack of magazines in there.
And... we have Elizabeth #2 here, who goes by the name Frances Elizabeth. Another beauty in her own unique way.
I promise there will be a pic of us together soon!
That's the latest news. Here's what our human brought for me... a pretty dress... what do you think of it?
What's new in your house?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lazy Saturday!

Normally during the weekends we all get up at an early hour. Maybe not as early as when we have to go to school (unless we want to "steal" the tv!), but still earlier than most would.
Today it was an especially lazy morning. We were all tired because this last week we had our final exams at school. If it hadn't been because Peg (our Schnauzer) started jumping on the beds, we would've stayed there longer.
Once we were up we started talking about what we'll do during the summer. Even if we already had our exams at school we still have to attend for one more month. But we're already planning for our vacation!
We had a lot of fun. Then our grumbling stomachs interrupted and we went downstairs for a very late breakfast.
We had sandwiches, fresh fruit, and chocolate milk.
Do you get up early during weekends? What are your plans for this summer? 
P.S. Do you wonder where Rebecca was? She was trying to convince our human to buy her a phonograph. (We all want iPods and she wants a phonograph?!?. Isn't it weird?)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Gracie was a dear friend to us. She left two weeks and went back to the States!  We miss her a lot. But we know she's happy and that makes us happy.
So now we're five. Not for too long I suppose...
Amara-Cherie started getting headaches. She was taken to the vinyl optometrist and when she got back she was wearing glasses! We think she looks a bit nerdy, but they actually suit her very well. I guess nerdy is good too. She's really intelligent, always carrying a book around, and searching for new things to learn. 
Breanna is asking for a guitar. She wants one desperately. I hope she gets it soon because we're getting tired hearing about guitars. 
Claudette has been trying to convince Rebecca to return to her modern self, but so far nothing has worked. She has shown Rebecca all the fashion magazines she has (which are a lot!), tried to fix up her hair, and she lent her the best outfits she has, but Rebecca is reluctant to come back, she says that she was meant to be a historical doll, whatever that means!

I'm busy trying to make our garden grow. The frown lawn is getting green and pretty. We need some flowers, maybe we'll get some soon.
Do you like gardens?
- Linden.